We provide premium equipment, even for our rental fleet. Unlike some operators, all of our equipment is cleaned in a quaternary cleaner after use, ensuring it’s fully sanitised.

All prices are per day.

Premium Backplate BCD with whistle and cutting tools$35
Premium Sidemount BCD with whistle, cutting tools and butt pouch$40
Regulator With Long Hose, Air Integration
And Premium Wrist Mounted Dive Computer$75
Dive Boots With Neoprene Socks$15
Premium Fins$15
Premium 5mm Wetsuit$25
Premium Mask$15
John Line$10
DSMB And Reel$15
Weights (up to 5 kg)$10
Cylinder - 12.2 litre steel$30
Cylinder - 7 litre steel$20
Cylinder - 12.2 litre sidemount pair$50
Cylinder - 7 litre sidemount pair$35
Full kit, without cylinders$150
Full kit, including 2 cylinders$190
Full kit, without cylinders for 7 days (2 days free)$700
Full kit, including 2 cylinders for 7 days (2 days free)$850

We believe proper weighting is a critical part of diving, so we proudly offer a selection of weights from 0.5 kg to 2 kg.

Torches, DSMB and reels all come with quality boltsnaps to secure them properly.