Gas Fills

We guarantee extra clean gas fills with very low levels of water vapour.

All our gas fills exceed the standards for working with oxygen, ensuring you’re breathing clean gas at all times. We also have superior water vapour filtering, to minimise the likelihood of rust or corrosion on the inside of your cylinders.

Too busy to come to our shop? We provide pickup and delivery service within the Bundaberg region for a nominal fee.

Air fill$20
11 air fills (get 1 free)$200
23 air fills (get 3 free)$400
OxygenComing Soon
NitroxComing Soon
Pick up and delivery$10/cylinder
12 air fills with pick up and delivery$300
24 air fills with pick up and delivery$500


In order to fill a cylinder, it must meet our safety requirements.

  • Age: Steel cylinders must be less than 20 years old and aluminium less than 15 years.
  • Current Hydro: Australian standards require a hydrostatic test within the last 12 months.
  • Nitrox Certification: Nitrox certification required for nitrox fills.
  • Decompression Certification: Decompression/Technical certification required for fills greater than 40% oxygen.
  • Oxygen Clean: Oxygen and partial pressure nitrox fills require oxygen clean cylinders. See our equipment services if you’d like us to clean your cylinder for you.