Beyond coaching, we also provide dive related services.


Get your equipment serviced by our qualified technicians. We use quality calibration equipment to ensure that your gear dives like new.

More details can be found on our servicing page.


We provide premium equipment, even for our rental fleet. Unlike some operators, all of our equipment is cleaned in a quaternary cleaner after use, ensuring it’s fully sanitised.

More details can be found on our rental page.


We guarantee extra clean gas fills with very low levels of water vapour.

All our gas fills exceed the standards for working with oxygen, ensuring you’re breathing clean gas at all times. We also have superior water vapour filtering, to minimise the likelihood of rust or corrosion on the inside of your cylinders.

Too busy to come by and get your cylinders filled, we do pickup and delivery of cylinders within the Bundaberg region for a nominal fee.

More details can be found on our gas fills page.

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