Dive Medicals

Dive Medicals

Before diving, it’s important to do a UHMS Dive Screening Questionnaire. These are quick to fill in and give the dive operater an idea of any health concerns you might have. These are important to know in the event of an emergency and the first step in making sure you have a safe dive.

For your safety and ours, please fill them in accurately. Having a heart attack under water (one of the most common diving incidents) is not generally seen as a fun way to end a dive trip.

A common question is Does this need a doctor to fill it out? In most cases, the answer is no. The first page covers broad areas of health. The second page has follow on questions which seek to identify specific concerns which would lead to needing a doctors assessment. The third page is only needed if the first two pages indicate medical assessment is required.

All reputable dive operations require these questionnaires to be filled in before taking you diving. As health issues can pop up at any time, it is worthwhile to fill one in before every trip. If a shop is not asking you to fill in a screening questionnaire before diving, find out if they’re skipping other important safety practices.

We advise reviewing the screening questionnaire before booking a dive so you can get a doctors assessment if required.


There are two types of medical you might need:

  • AS 4005.1: Recreational
  • AS 2299.1: Professional (Dive Master and Instructor)

As there are not many locally approved doctors, we have included a list of the closest doctors who can do dive medicals.


Dr Das:

  • Central Medical Bundaberg
  • 53 Commercial St, Kensington
  • +61 7 4150 0000.
  • $180 as of 2023-06, some external tests may be required at extra cost


Dr Kenafake:

  • Maroochydore Medical Centre
  • 150 Horton Parade, Maroochydore
  • +61 7 5376 1500
  • $220 as of 2023-06