Sidemount Coaching

Sidemount Coaching

Sidemount has taken off in recent years and we’re here to help you satisfy your interest. Whether you’re new to diving and wish to start sidemount from day one or you’re looking at adding sidemount to your extensive repertoire, we’re here for you.

Sidemount comes with some significant benefits, including better dynamics in the water and more gas for enjoying longer dives. Sidemount is also excellent for those who have physical challenges which can make diving on a back mounted cylinder difficult.

We have a full set of sidemount equipment, so you can see if it’s right for you without investing in equipment first.

Coaching Areas

We regularly coach the following sidemount skills.

Starting on SidemountAdding Sidemount
For those who are new to diving and wish to learn how to dive using sidemount. This is the perfect place to start.For experienced divers looking to add sidemount to their capabilities.
Get out of gas and other safety drills squared away.Rescue drills with sidemount equipment.
Equipment Setup and StreamliningTeam Diving
Optimise your equipment layout.Working together as a team to improve your experience.
Manoureability WorkshopsAnd So Much More
Learn how to fin backwards and through tight spaces.Bespoke training to meet your needs